Regular Division - Courses and Orchestras

Regular Camp Courses



All string players will be placed in an orchestra. Please see the Orchestra tab on this website for more specific details.


All string players will have one class per day devoted to sectionals. Each individual section will meet in small groups to work with a coach on different aspects of the orchestra music. 

Components of Music

Students in the Mozart Music Makers will participate in this fun movement-oriented class. The objectives will emphasize basic aspects of rhythm, pitch, note reading, ensemble and performance skills.

Theory and related Music Topics

Students in the Haydn Strings group will have a fun theory class each day in which they will learn a variety of different structural aspects of music: pitch, rhythm, form, ear training, and dictation 

Mozart & Haydn Orchestras - No Auditions Required


Session 1: June 8-14, 2019 Session 2: June 16-21, 2019

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Mozart Music Makers, Ages 6 – 10

This group is for newer, less experienced players as well as students who have studied for several years and have been in elementary level orchestras. Students in this orchestra should have a minimum of one year of musical instruction.  More experienced players receive leadership experience. The students will acquire reading and ensemble skills and appropriate repertoire will be mastered.

Haydn Strings, Ages 10 - 18

To audition for a level change to this orchestra, students should be strong readers and be able to process complex bowings and rhythms.  

The general level of this group includes:

Key signatures: up to 3 flats and 3 sharps mandatory

Positions: 1st – 4th positions (all of the neck positions)

Reading level: Middle School orchestral repertoire or Suzuki Book Four

New Haydn Elite Ensemble (optional advanced music, for interested students who will audition during camp and qualify)

Haydn Orchestra

Check out this great video

Mozart Orchestra

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Extended Day Program

Monday through Thursday 3:00-5:00 PM

Campers will be engaged in both indoor and outdoor activities.

*Only available for Regular Division Campers

*Fees - $55 Per Week