40 Years of Music Making


Come Join Us!

At Lamar Stringfield Music Camp, our campers become family during the one or two weeks of day camp held in Raleigh, NC. 

Our students, ages 5-18 years old, have experience ranging from one year of study all the way up through advanced-level playing. All campers work alongside peers, mentors, and faculty to create and explore  beautiful music, building lasting friendships and a community to return to year after year.


Always Something Going On

The moment they arrive, campers are met with warmth and enthusiasm as they gather to master musical ideas through activities designed to keep everyone engaged, inspired, and having fun!

Movement games, theory classes, rehearsal, recitals – even a daily raffle and the ever-so-popular Counselor skits and performances – encourage all to grow as musicians while working together toward a common goal: the final Friday concert, performed with pride for a full house of supportive family and friends. 


Program Overview

Orchestra and Division placement determines specific schedule and course offerings.  Please click on Programs and Schedules to find out more about the various levels and opportunities:

  • Mini-Camp (ages 5-8)
  • Mozart Music Makers String Orchestra (ages 6 – 10)
  • Haydn String Orchestra (ages 10 - 18)
  • Honors Symphonic Orchestra (ages 12 – 18) including winds and percussion (Session One), by audition
  • Honors Beethoven Orchestra (Session Two), by audition